You Decide.


There’s a cool breeze

coming into my window.

It feels glorious.

There wasn’t one yesterday,

so I’m thinking about today.

Today, I’m making my famous stir fry.

It will be amazing, so many ingredients

in my pantry.

there won’t be much left by tomorrow,

so I’m thinking about today.

Right now, in this moment,

while not getting lost to it,

I can see the sacred in all things.

I also know it can be exhausting to go on

that way.

To be perpetually spiritual

while living in a very physical world,

where none of those rules apply.

So I’m thinking about right now, for right now,

then moving on.

Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure,

Choose well.



Hanna Maxwell & Fanny Adam's Ghost

Creator of Gorgonzola Journalism, Author, Consultant, Traveler, Polymath, Mystical Maven, Mental Health Muse & Mediator to the Gods, M.H., C.H.T., O.M.D.