I’m a Wolf

Hanna Maxwell
Aug 25, 2022

I am a wolf
some are scared of me,
they should be,
I’ll tear your throat out.
Not like a cat,
who plays with its food.
The old people
saw me as a teacher.
But now so few
are smart enough to learn,
and the ones who are
won’t share.
You can’t teach beings
who believe
they’ve nothing left to learn.
So, prove them wrong,
or they’ll learn nothing.
And howl at the moon
from time to time.
It’s good for the soul.



Hanna Maxwell

Creator of Gorgonzola Journalism, Author, Consultant, Traveler, Polymath, Mystical Maven, Mental Health Muse & Mediator to the Gods, M.H., C.H.T., O.M.D.