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Hanna Maxwell
4 min readDec 3, 2023

Fans have never had so much power before and Snow White and Rachel Zegler both being ruined BEFORE the movie is even released is a classic example of that. It doesn’t help that when a film fails, like The Marvels, the creators of the film name-call the fans like mean kids on a playground. They accuse them of being misogynistic, racist, homophobic, whatever fits their narrative. After all, they’ve checked their “Black female director gets big project” box, but as gifted as she is, was she really ready for it?

Has checking the right boxes become more important than consistently turning out good entertainment?

Do I have to ask?

Anyone paying any attention to entertainment, which is pretty much everyone, knows about the problems the entertainment industry has been having that are rooted in wokism. For a long time the woke have spoke, and they’ve been saying such idiotic things that people are finally starting to awaken from their woke comas and think again, and what they think is, “Hey, maybe what we were doing before worked better.”

Fans control YouTubers too. Once they get to a place where they can line their pockets significantly enough, they tend to forget that it’s their ENTIRE following that got them there. Instead, once there, they only give their efforts to their highest paying subs. One channel I watch features a woman who reviews movies. She has 150K+ subscribers and the premise is that followers pick the next movie she reviews.

Unfortunately, at this point, she only posts poll suggestions from two of her followers. Just two who monopolize her time and efforts because they feel justified since they pay the most. This of course puts her in a place where she can choose to feel obligated for the same reason. It’s kind of a trap, and it sucks for them, as they’re the ones who have to struggle with it. Meanwhile, it also sucks for loyal, long time fans who are struggling financially.

I get it, people need to make a living, but not everyone gets to make enough money to have a good enough living to donate money to all their favorite YouTubers, or to pay all the bills perfectly on time for that matter. I’ve had very little funds to do much more than donate to the occasional fundraiser, but that doesn’t make me a less important fan. There are a lot of us out there in the current economic climate.

Everyone’s gotta make a living.

Meanwhile, at least we get to see their vacation videos. While they’re globe-trotting on their followers dime and posting videos showing us all how great their lives are thanks to us, the followers, the people who make it all possible. People who can barely afford gas, or a bus ticket, or things like food. We get to see their million dollar homes, and those are the cheap ones, as well as their cars. It’s great.

What shortsightedness to miss that those regular fans who don’t have money today, just might have it tomorrow. It’s likely they won’t be handing it to channel runners that only cater to SOME of their fans while taking everyone else for granted. ALL fans matter, not just the ones with deep pockets. Better to just pay for Premium and support the platform.

Fans have the power to get a film cancelled before it’s even out because they have a voice. Most of us regular folks out here in the world don’t though. Who has our backs? Who considers the nobodies that love the entertainment, always make sure to “like, comment and subscribe” but are never heard? Now more than ever, if you do have a voice that’s heard, don’t forget your fan base, listen to them, all of them.

Don’t be afraid to speak out for what’s right, do it for all your fans that don’t get to have a voice. Too many people are afraid to tell the objective truth any more but that’s what needs to be heard to get people to wake up. Don’t be the person known for having a huge fan base, be the person known for having a huge loyal fan base that’s dedicated because you give them reason to be.

Follow the example of J.K. Rowling. Whether you agree with her or not, she has the biggest balls on the book scene. She’s not bowing down to her haters and accusers, though I wouldn’t want to bend over around them either after hearing what some of them have to say about her words despite having never read them. Just be an example, be the change you want to see in the real world, because it’s going to take awhile before things change online and it has to start somewhere.

Solution oriented thinking will never become “old fashioned.”



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