Accountability, Wokism & ASSigning Blame

Hanna Maxwell
6 min readDec 3, 2023

People talk about accountability as though they understand the concept then go around and blame everything that goes wrong in their lives on something or someone else. People will even blame their ills on political constructs or society at large. Sure, of the tens of thousands of variables, politricks and societal structure might be contributing factors, but look deeper.

With the rising popularity of victimhood more and more people are coming up with contrived wrongs that have been committed against them. They might blame some big government structure or target a specific group. They might even use some age old crutch from the past that’s made of rotted wood and doesn’t give them the leg to stand on they think it does when current culture is taken into account.

No matter where they go for validation of their victimhood, it usually has them pointing everywhere but at themselves. I’m not here to diminish anyone’s experience, I’m not saying that it’s all one way or another, as in, it’s either all your fault or all societies fault, that’s just dense. I am saying that solution oriented thinking is the only way to productively deal with things. Accepting accountability where it’s due is a great first step.

For people who think they aren’t guilty of assigning blame, when’s the last time you said, “He made me feel guilty” or “She made me feel bad”? Who are these people with such great power over you that you just hand them yours? No one can “make” you feel a certain way unless you let them, stop that, how you feel is your choice. In a culture where laws are re-written to appease the feelings of the people on the right side of being woke, you wouldn’t think this concept would be much of a stretch.

Here is the reality, this woke garbage can’t last. Perhaps I’m giving the average person more credit than they deserve, but I think people will awaken from wokism. Don’t mistake my hope for naivety though, this isn’t my first day and I was born to be a realist. That being said, at the end of the day, wokism is just another trend. Loads of trends have come and gone that made no sense, remember parachute pants?

Check out that crotch-pocket.

The problem is that the current level and combination of ignorance, privilege and entitlement in American culture is at an unprecedented high. Men are winning “Woman of the Year” awards while no one can define exactly what a woman even is. Men wear womanhood around like Ed Gein wore women around, as a fetish, all the while destroying the hard work of actual trans people and trying to erase real women by taking their voice and their rights away as well as their sports and their private, formerly safe, spaces.

Trans people online can openly threaten gun violence against anyone who disagrees with them and speak openly about the things they want to do to them after slitting their throats and scooping out and eating their brains. That’s the horrible fate they promise for anyone who disagrees with them, meanwhile, other people get censored or removed from platforms entirely for saying, “biological male” which is now considered “hate speech.”

Sure and that’s at the forefront of my mind, but I also think about people crying out to de-fund the police while wondering why there’s crime. They treat police like garbage and assume that cops are out to get them. They teach their children to either be horrified of them or hate and disrespect them, then they wonder why some cops end up being assholes. See how that just proves your head to be prime real estate for the brain that dropped out?

Imagine if there was funding to build a police force instead of the police farce you focus on. Imagine a well trained police force, trained in de-escalation, not having bias and being able to spot and assist with genuine mental illness rather than assuming fakery since they get so much of it. Imagine a police force that wants to protect and serve good people rather than hope it’s not too hard to lock up idiots.

The educational system in the U.S., besides being the joke it’s become with literal clowns for teachers, promises to re-educate and assimilate your children to woke philosophy. They openly speak about “making your kids gay” or trans, and it’s all ok, they’re on the right side of the trend, for now. But nonsense is still nonsense, and it doesn’t take a stellar education to see logic. Stellar educations have been replaced with woke re-imaginings of history and hard science even at the college level anyways though, so, not to worry.

Now, before the assumptions get out of hand, let me be clear, I fully support the alphabet community. My heart goes out to them, especially in the real trans community, people who have worked so hard to not only be heard, but to be understood. Now, the “modern” movers and twerkers just breed misunderstanding and hate. The modern scene shouts death threats out of a sense of inclusivity that only works via exclusion.

Also, to be clear, I’m not political. I know nothing of politricks and care even less. I have no side, I just know which two yell the loudest. Fact is, I’m too poor to give a damn because I’m not affected by the decisions of politicians. Nothing they’ve ever done has trickled down to my level, for better or for worse. I’m the type who’s meant to be kept in a particular place and much to the shock and disdain of many, I’ve figured out how to be content there.

Poor people are the most marginalized people across the globe and I can assure you, poverty doesn’t give a toss about your politics, sexual preferences, pronouns, race or how much your house and cars are worth. None of that matters to poverty, which is precisely why people disdain the poor, they’re a walking, talking example of everyone’s worst fear, that it could happen to them.

I scare them because I’m content where I’m at while they can’t figure out how to be content from their seemingly loftier perch. So they go about, triggered over cold fries or tepid coffee, these people will never survive the apocalypse they are the harbingers of.

In a world where accountability is posted online for all to see, culture has avoided it thus far by normalizing shitty behavior. They’ve taken behaviors that should be undesirable because they’re thoughtless and often narcissistic, and made them more desirable. All the while, so long as they make petty trending, people fall in line. Let’s not forget what makes a thing trendy in the first place though, money.

Ask yourself who is making money off of wokism? The most blaring answer is big pharma, and no, just like I’m not a righty or a lefty, or a this or a that, I’m also not a conspiracy nut. I’m just a person who pays attention, watches the shit-show from a distance and doesn’t get involved because I don’t have to. It’s a groovy question to leave you pondering though, provided you haven’t opened your mind the required amount for wokism and had your brain fall out.

Ask yourself, who are YOU making rich? What part of wokism are you clinging tenaciously to right now that will make YOU look like a fool later? Maybe it’s time for some pre-emptive planning. Go look for your brain first, how long ago did you lose it? If you can’t find it right away, at least shut the gaping hole it left when it dipped out in the first place so it can’t be filled with any more turd-worthy tripe. Then, accept accountability for being part of the problem so you can move forward being part of the solution.



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