"There was a certain freedom in being dismissed. I didn't have to perform, as expectations were below low. I learned to do what needed to be done and it freed me up to do my own thing and make my own real life discoveries. I took care of myself as a child & as an adult, travel and real life community building taught me even more."

I am currently a self-employed freelance writer, contract polymath, editor, herbalist and reader, among many other things. I go where needed & do what needs to be done. Frequently, I give my time and efforts without compensation. For me, experience is as valuable as anything else. I am the Founder of Mojo Mountain Medicine, good for what ails you since 1990. And of course, The Union of Mad Scientists, mental health matters too. Life isn't about having the right gear, it's about how you handle life without it.

And I thrive, every single time. I have been helping others do the same for a long, long time. I'm what you might call a mental health muse. I'm trained in psychology but have lost faith in the way that system works, so rather than pursue it further once I discovered that fact, I went another direction.

Instead, I incorporated the training I had into helping people in the real world throughout my travels. My main goal in my endeavors, what drives me to do the things I do, is the desire to be able to continue to be of service, it's the only thing I'm good at. Being of service, not being a servant, despite a lifetime of being treated like one. But that is why I'm so very good at it.

If you are here, I am grateful for you.


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Hanna Maxwell

Creator of Gorgonzola Journalism, Author, Consultant, Traveler, Polymath, Mystical Maven, Mental Health Muse & Mediator to the Gods, M.H., C.H.T., O.M.D.