A Cure for Writers Block

Hanna Maxwell
4 min readAug 24, 2023

Writer’s Block? If You’re Blocked Right Now, Try This

*HEY THERE* This method sometimes only works once, if you aren’t blocked, keep this link and use it when you are.

Follow these steps to cure your writer’s block. First of all, unclench.

Now, lean back in your chair or wherever you are. Relax.

Take a deep breath, you’re going to follow these steps until it says *STOP* then give it a few beats and look at the screen again, so…

Relax your arms and legs and breathe.

Imagine you’re in an ancient emerald forest. The weather is perfect, so perfect it’s not even noticeable. It’s just lightly breezy and exactly the way you like it. Golden green light is diffused through the canopy above, another gentle and perfect breeze causes the light to dance around on the forest floor causing a sense of movement.
Breathe into your beautiful, safe, forest.

Now, picture before you a door… see it in your mind’s eye…


That’s it. Now, go back to…

The door, what did it look like? Was it a wooden door? I mean, there’s your block, literally a wooden one. If the door is your block, what kind of door is it? Is it a giant, thick, oak door with heavy iron fixtures on it? If that’s how you see what is blocking your writing maybe some of the issue is self created.

I just said, “imagine a door in the middle of a forest,” not, “imagine a door on a giant, impenetrable fortress,” right? Maybe stop trying so hard and just let it come to you, metaphorically I mean.

You also could be putting too much pressure on yourself. Maybe the door isn’t just about the piece you’re working on, maybe it’s something else you must address. You know what it is, of course you do.

Stop procrastinating, it isn’t as big of a problem as you’ve imagined in that brilliant mind of yours.

Maybe do some journaling, or free association writing.

Was your door made up of the elements in its surroundings? Was it more like an archway of grapevine or willow interlaced with flowers, easy to walk through? Just make the choice to pass through it. Maybe you could have all along?

Maybe you think it’s too obvious, too much the very clear next direction for the story and you just don’t want to take the easy route. You’re not one to take the easy way out, maybe sometimes, it’s the best way, or the only way.

No worries, we know there are plenty more challenges on the horizon so be grateful for this one to move through it. Maybe, like with the archway, the elements are already there and it isn’t about taking a new direction right now, just go with the flow, pass on through.

Pass on through…

Is there a lock on your door? Where the heck did that come from? What color is your door? You’re a writer, you know a thing or two about symbolism, what does your door tell you if it’s a metaphor for your block? Think about the size of the door, the thickness, whether or not it’s inviting or ominous. It’s all insight if you choose for it to be.

Either that, the choice to gain insight, or you’ll have spent enough time over analyzing the block that by the time you go back to writing it will be gone just because it got bored and went away.

At any rate, I have seen this method work. I have even seen it work for some people repeatedly, they have a shed full of doors, and they never know which one will pop up until they take a moment and a deep breath. I’ve seen it be a curtain.

I know, how does it help, right? Problem solving is based on knowing the root of said problem, trust me, the door is only the beginning. How much insight you get from a door is up to you, but remember, you’ll decide the quality of the insight you gain when you open it and go through too, there’s a multi-verse out there for anyone who doesn’t limit their own experience. Who knows, maybe you just needed a distraction, you’re welcome.

Now, go do your thing, a quick walk, a power snack, twenty jumping jacks, twenty deep breaths, whatever frosts your toast, have at it, and then go write your magnum opus like we both know you can.



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