I saw the tops of the trees,

miles below, passing by.

I saw the burnt grass,

faded from the heat of summer.

And then I saw my body.

I saw myself exactly as I had left myself;

sitting on the stairs of the back porch,

chin in hand like the Thinker.

It was the first time it happened,

it wouldn’t be the last.

But I was a wee kid then,

I had no idea how handy it would be

to have this arrangement.

I had no idea what I was capable of

and I couldn’t wait to find out.

Turns out you can go pretty far down the rabbit hole

if you’re the rabbit.



The only people who think that people can’t change are the people who think that people can’t change.

All nature does is change. Seasons, moon phases, cocoons to butterflies, seeds to…you see? But for some reason, while humans claim that change is good, needed even, the same people say it’s something humans are incapable of. What gives?

Change is simply the natural order. Things in nature don’t stagnate, they only appear to.

People on the other hand, can stagnate, and they do it by choice.

How weird is that?



I am a wolf
some are scared of me,
they should be,
I’ll tear your throat out.
Not like a cat,
who plays with its food.
The old people
saw me as a teacher.
But now so few
are smart enough to learn,
and the ones who are
won’t share.
You can’t teach beings
who believe
they’ve nothing left to learn.
So, prove them wrong,
or they’ll learn nothing.
And howl at the moon
from time to time.
It’s good for the soul.



There’s a cool breeze

coming into my window.

It feels glorious.

There wasn’t one yesterday,

so I’m thinking about today.

Today, I’m making my famous stir fry.

It will be amazing, so many ingredients

in my pantry.

there won’t be much left by tomorrow,

so I’m thinking about today.

Right now, in this moment,

while not getting lost to it,

I can see the sacred in all things.

I also know it can be exhausting to go on

that way.

To be perpetually spiritual

while living in a very physical world,

where none of those rules apply.

So I’m thinking about right now, for right now,

then moving on.

Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure,

Choose well.



If you find my body,

It will be deep in the forest,

parts here,

parts there,

torn asunder

by wild animals,

as nature intended.

If you find my body,

know I used it well.

Know that others used it too,

for their own pleasure,

without asking,

without telling,

without thought.

A personal punching bag,

those were the days.

That which doesn’t kill us

makes us stronger.

I am Reardon steel.

If you find my body,

Know I lived a big life

I never ran away from anything,

While the things I ran towards

often crumbled

under the weight of my example.

If you find my body

It’ll remind you,

everything dies

only the persistent

are born again.

Only the persistent

live on.

Live big while you can.



Hanna Maxwell aka- Fanny Adam's Ghost

Hanna Maxwell aka- Fanny Adam's Ghost

Author, Consultant, Drifter, Blogger, Contract Polymath, Mediator of the Gods, Builder of Communities. M.H., C.H.T., O.M.D. https://campsite.to/mysticalmaven