Don’t let other people convince you that they remember your own life better than you do. They only remember their version, “their truth.”

The actual truth is, it isn’t their experience, so it isn’t their truth to begin with.

Observe and learn, never observe and assume.

  • Hanna Maxwell
Walk your own path, accountability and all. -H.M.



Why are we in your bedroom?

Why are you making me get down on my knees?

You say that when we’re done, I’ll be Saved.

From what?

You’re my parents, for now.

That doesn’t mean I trust you.

Is it supposed to hurt?

Is it supposed to feel this awkward,

To love your Lord?

Why wasn’t your God there for me then?

Where is He now?

Your God says this is okay,

I don’t like it,

And I may never love your God.

No one was Saved.



I saw the tops of the trees,

miles below, passing by.

I saw the burnt grass,

faded from the heat of summer.

And then I saw my body.

I saw myself exactly as I had left myself;

sitting on the stairs of the back porch,

chin in hand like the Thinker.

It was the first time it happened,

it wouldn’t be the last.

But I was a wee kid then,

I had no idea how handy it would be

to have this arrangement.

I had no idea what I was capable of

and I couldn’t wait to find out.

Turns out you can go pretty far down the rabbit hole

if you’re the rabbit.



Hanna Maxwell & Fanny Adam's Ghost

Creator of Gorgonzola Journalism, Author, Consultant, Drifter, Contract Polymath, Mediator to the Gods. M.H., C.H.T., O.M.D.